“The Remarkable Journey of a Legendary Guitarist / Composer”
by J. Vincent Moran

"When it comes to the art of classical guitar Jorge Morel is not only a supreme master of the instrument, but a breed apart from others who coveted the guitar and turned it into a career.What makes the Morel difference? In a word: originality. For his was a virtuosity of finger-style genius, which, against odds, carved out success in myriads of highly-acclaimed concerts worldwide. Odds like beating down doors of skepticism without compromise to an independent spirit and presenting original compositions to the un-initiated (who ignored him at their peril!). The Remarkable Journey of a Legendary Guitarist/Composer is the inspirational story of an artist who took the instrument to its limits with an amazing blend of original style and repertoire which, from Bernstein to the Beatles, inspired an entire generation of artists to perform and record his works. En route Morel gave bold impetus to the meaning “my way”, creating a legion of admirers even if, ironically, he would for a time remain unheralded in the upper echelons of so-called “purist” classical guitar. Immensely popular in Poland, Jorge Morel was dubbed “Chopin of the Guitar.”This 2nd paperback edition, wonderfully illustrated with pictures and original paintings and featuring a foreword by Maurice J. Summerfield, (British guitarist, author and founder of Classical Guitar magazine), is a heart-warming portrait of a self-effacing virtuoso-composer who has dedicated innumerable works to friends and acquaintances for six decades, and whose influence continues to resonate across a grateful guitar world."

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Magnificent Guitar of Jorge Morel: A Life of Music
By John McClellan; Deyan Bratic and Jorge Morel

This book is the story of love, life and loss told by the legendary Argentinean guitarists, Jorge Morel. This book traces his early years with his father in Buenos Aires, to the love of his life, his wife, Olga and of his life as one of the greats of the guitar. The Maestro also shares his thoughts on many subjects with blunt honesty not often expected or heard in these politically correct times. Through tragedy and loss, Jorge Morel continues to compose and perform to this day. His positive outlook on life and art and his authentic values are truly one of a kind. This book tells his story and contains 21 of Maestro Morel s great pieces and arrangements (9 new compositions presented here for the first time!). In the words of the Maestro, This is the definitive work on my life and my music!

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