This is the official page of Jorge Morel, approved by his daughter Francesca, to preserve the music legacy of Maestro Jorge Morel. Our mission is to promote his extensive Catalogue of his own compositions, update the access through direct links of his Mel Bay published collections as well as individual downloads for sale at this website of his most desirable archived scores. In addition, our priority is also the release of his most recent discography.

- Virginia Luque


It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing of the legendary classical guitarist and composer Jorge Morel . He passed away on February 10, 2021 in Florida at the age of 89.

The Maestro left a legacy that exceeds a hundred of his own compositions, more than sixty transcriptions and arrangements for the guitar, apart from an estimate that exceeds 5,000 concerts that capture unforgettable memories for all of us who were lucky enough to witness.

His human condition that characterized him, will remain in the memory of all who knew him, he conquered many souls with his very accessible personality, his generosity, a knowing how to behave and an overflowing and unnecessary humility.


Life and Career

Jorge Morel He was born in Buenos Aires on May 9, 1931 with the name Jorge Scibona. The family was of Sicilian descent. For reasons of mispronunciation with his surname, he was advised to replace it with the surname Morel.

Morel began playing the guitar at the age of seven under the strict tutelage of his father, Domingo, who recognized his innate talent and made many sacrifices so that he could continue his musical education and ultimately his career. When Jorge was 12 years old, his father gave him a Casa Nuñez guitar, a very good instrument that he continued to play until unfortunately it broke down in 1959. With that guitar that he loved so much from Casa Nuñez, Jorge prepared his technique, studying at the Academy of Professor Pablo Escobar. After graduation, Morel accompanied Escobar on radio shows and concerts in Argentina.

Morel was invited to play Ecuador, Colombia and Cuba. In Cuba he received a deserved recognition with a warm reception for his guitar skills. It was in Cuba that he recorded his first album in 1959. A few years later, Maestro Morel recorded his second album with Decca and then three more albums followed. Due to Cuban politics at that time, Morel traveled to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was closer to the United States and in particular to the city in which he professionally aspired to achieve his dreams, New York.

It was in Puerto Rico that Morel met the love of his life, Olga, whom he married in 1961. They had a daughter, Francesca.

Vladimir Bovri, the legendary President of the New York Classical Guitar Society, heard Morel's wonderful performances in Puerto Rico and paved the way for hosting concerts in California and Hawaii and eventually his Carnegie Hall debut. This changed the course of his life and that of his wife Olga to live in New York City where Maestro Morel studied composition for two years with Rudy Schramm.

After moving to New York, the Village Gate became a frequent place where Morel had the opportunity to collaborate with jazz legends Errol Garner, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Kenton, and Herbie Mann. Also during this time, he met Chet Atkins, widely recognized for his “fingerstyle” style of music. “Chet realized his special talent and made it easier for Morel to record an album with RCA Victor. This very special friendship catapulted Morel's career and continued until Atkins passed away. (Morel, with the kindness that characterized him, later gave him his guitar Manuel Velazquez after hearing from Atkins' wife that Chet was looking for precisely a Velazquez).

After recording a new album, Morel toured Canada and the United States where he gave around 70 concerts a year. Morel often played in remote cities where they hadn't had the opportunity to listen to classical guitar. He also played thousands of international concerts. In Poland, where he was highly regarded, he agreed to play for very low fees that they could afford. For Morel, his dedication was to compose and as long as he could reach a level of life that would sustain him, it was more than enough for him.

Morel's reputation as a musician, and more importantly as a composer, progressed throughout his career. He cultivated a unique personal style with sophisticated artistic expression. Morel's creative contribution as a composer has received the respect and recognition of his fellow professionals and he established himself in his career as one of the leaders who have contributed to the progressive development of the classical guitar. Through his own compositions and arrangements, Morel has contributed substantially to the classical guitar repertoire with works that impose technical and stylistic demands on the traditional school of the guitar. As a prolific composer, Morel wrote for solo guitar, for Duets, guitar and orchestra concerts, and chamber music quintets.


"The Remarkable Journey Of A Legendary Guitarist/Composer"
by J. Vincent Moran

Considered one of his greatest compositions, Maestro Morel presented his premiere “ Suite del Sur ,” premiering it with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the great conductor Zubin Mehta. Originally, Morel wrote the Suite Prelude as a solo guitar work. Although after the sudden and tragic loss of his wife, Morel stated: "I was inspired to write a lot of music, even happy pieces, I reimagined those 12 years of marriage, especially the good times and subconsciously used those experiences to inspire me."

Apart from all of Jorge Morel's musical achievements, he was a talented painter, a passion that he cultivated throughout his life. In 2015, his good friend J. Vincent Moran, a writer, published his Morel-approved biography: "The Remarkable Journey Of A Legendary Guitarist/Composer" A second edition was published in October 2020 and another possible edition. Available for sale on Amazon.

Magnificent Guitar of Jorge Morel: A Life of Music
By John McClellan; Deyan Bratic and Jorge Morel

This book is the story of love, life and loss told by the legendary Argentinean guitarists, Jorge Morel. This book traces his early years with his father in Buenos Aires, to the love of his life, his wife, Olga and of his life as one of the greats of the guitar. The Maestro also shares his thoughts on many subjects with blunt honesty not often expected or heard in these politically correct times. Through tragedy and loss, Jorge Morel continues to compose and perform to this day. His positive outlook on life and art and his authentic values are truly one of a kind. This book tells his story and contains 21 of Maestro Morel s great pieces and arrangements (9 new compositions presented here for the first time!). In the words of the Maestro, This is the definitive work on my life and my music! Available on Amazon.

His Legacy continues

A third work and specifically, the last work for solo guitar, was also ordered by Virginia Luque. The composition called “Argentine Memories” It is not included in the digital double album, but it is already planned for another next Jorge Morel project that Virginia is preparing. After 2009 and before the Composers Gold Catalog, Morel composed works in less quantity. Seeing Virginia the creative capacity that Maestro Morel could still offer, Luque became a Sponsor of the compositions that Morel wished to compose freely from that moment on. This collaboration between these good friends not only kept them productively busy during the Covid-19 epidemic when so many of us were in homebound quarantine, but all of these works have contributed to Morel's guitar legacy and sweet memories are sadly stuck in our memory. shocked by the sudden passing of the Master.

These works include: “Estampas del Sur” (concerto for guitar and orchestra), “Virginia's Quintet” (for string quartet and guitar) and his final work “Rapsodia” (for guitar and orchestra). Jorge Morel and Virginia Luque also recorded Duets arranged by Maestro Morel and a Duet “Alma Argentina” written by Luque and premiered by both friends.

Very soon, the historic digital album Impression that was produced by the late Tony Acosta, President of Luthier Music Corp., will be on sale under the Iberia Productions label and Virginia Luque will ensure the new release and production of this memorable album.

We will be informing you through this page for more information about the great Jorge Morel.

– Dawn Julia Nilson

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